About the Owner

“Features, Commercials and Unions, oh my!”

Hey there, I’m Margo Kornemann, Owner and head number wrangler at Big Meow, LLC.

I began working in accounting on feature films and television in 2001. I’ve worked on projects in California, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas with budgets ranging from $2 to $50+ million. Some resume highlights include “Sin City,” “Grindhouse,” “Secondhand Lions,” and “The Glass Castle.”

In 2008, I was offered the position of Office Manager at IATSE Local 480 in New Mexico. I rebuilt the office from the ground up-including everything from creating a filing system and fine-tuning membership processes to holding officer elections governed by the US Labor Department and working with the staff to create a new crew and producer “friendly” website.

And then Texas called me home, and I jumped back into film finance although this time as a bookkeeper for a small commercial production company in Austin. During my time with them, I grew my position becoming the Business Manager. I spread my wings with some new challenges, doing everything from bookkeeping, becoming the insurance guru, working with Producers and Production Managers to complete the financial requirements of each job and working with the film commission on incentive grants.

My different career paths are somewhat the same species, although very different animals. The principles and business practices crossover and I’ve taken experiences from each and built onto my skillset. One of my most meaningful business philosophies is the importance for the client, crew member, producer, POC to know why it’s best from an accounting or business standpoint that a process be completed. Accounting doesn’t have to be annoying or scary (or nerdy—Yo, I’m fun). This approach has always made for a more cohesive team and partnership.

Stepping away from my Mac, you’ll find me always toting my cameras around. I am a budding photographer and lover of all things art and interior design (my love of wallpaper, mohair, tile and coffee table books knows no bounds). All of the photos on this website were taken by me in and around Austin and Atlanta. I’m a runner and kettlebell fanatic. The “trail” in Austin is my happy place. I’m dog mom to 3 BIG rescue dogs (including two puppies!!).

Why Big Meow? Cause jungle cats are the bomb. Tigers are my spirit animal. That’s right, I’m not afraid to say I have a spirit animal. Tigers are fierce, powerful, agile and smart…and who doesn’t want that in their accountant?

Mascots and tag lines aside, we approach our clients’ business and finances with accuracy, efficiency, years of experience and care. Thank you for visiting our page. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Austin, TX

Red Bud Isle, Austin

Atlanta, GA

Beltline, Atlanta

I have had the privilege of working with Margo for several years… she is a true joy to do business with.  Very hands on, great follow through, extremely detailed oriented and just an all around professional team player.  I highly recommend Margo and what she will be able to bring to the table.

Jamie Towns, Producer/Production Manager